Mullaghmoyle Road, Tyrone

Mullaghmoyle Road, Tyrone
Coalisland, Tyrone, Ireland.

In December 2008, residents living in the Coalisland area of Tyrone began sharing accounts of a mysterious “lady in white” that had been seen each evening, walking passed a derelict cottage on an isolated stretch of the Mullaghmoyle road. By January, word had spread and multiple news outlets had begun to run the story. Hundreds of curious people travelled to the spot in the dead of winter, hoping to catch a glimpse of the phantom, with the BBC even noting a “traffic jam” in the area with sixty cars involved.

One witness claimed to have seen the ghost six or seven times, and described her as an old woman (in her 80s or 90s), wearing a white dress with a long white cape. He also remarked that the spectre looked sad or lost. The ghost would appear at Flush Hill, coming out of the hedge near the second of three telegraph poles in that area according to the then seventeen year old. Another (unphased) witness described the ghost as a “white cloth type of thing which flies across the road on top of the hill”.

Over a six week period, as many as 30 witnesses had seen the spirit, some claiming to have seen her on multiple occasions.

Speaking at the time, a sceptical local councilor shared his theory that it was a reflection of the moon on a nearby river, but this was dismissed by a representative of the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association who pointed that most of us can tell the difference between moonlight and a human figure. The NIPRA wasn’t sure at the time whether this was a “new” haunting, or one that they were already aware of in that area – that one being of a phantom hitchhiker who would thumb a lift, only to disappear if a car pulled over for her. He went on to say that that he was aware of at least one new account of a driver that was forced to brake suddenly when a woman walked straight in front of his car in the area. They were preparing to investigate the area.

Other local theories spoke of a previous resident who lived along the road and who had died some years earlier, while others drew attention to the destruction of an ancient tree in a nearby forest, that held importance to fairies and questioned whether that had triggered something.

It would be interesting to know if there have been any further encounters along this stretch of road. If you have experienced anything here, hit “Share Your Experience” and let me know!

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Mullaghmoyle Road, Coalisland, Tyrone, Ireland

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