Moore Hall

Moore Hall
Muckloon, Mayo, Ireland.

Moore Hall is a ruined great house near Carnacon in County Mayo. Construction began in 1792 and the grand property was the home of the influential and well-respected Moore family until it was burned in 1923. Following the death of the writer, George Moore ten years later in 1933, the property and the land on which it sits were passed to the Irish State. The land is open to the public, but the house is derelict and unsafe so its interior cannot be accessed.

Folklore has it that the original founder – wine and brandy merchant, George Moore, was told that the site he had chosen to build his home on at Muckloon Hill was unlucky, perhaps even cursed. Shortly after construction, George suffered a stroke which left him blind. His son John then died following injuries sustained while in custody for alleged activity relating to the Irish Rebellion. Other members of the family experienced tragedy over the years too, but so do all families. And while the house was burnt down, it certainly was not the only one to suffer the same fate during the Irish Civil War. Whether cursed or not, there is still a curious vibe surrounding the house.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that at least one child died at Moore Hall. Many people claim to have heard children’s laughter and singing echoing around the property. Before the building was properly sealed, visitors would enter the ruin and sometimes hear slamming doors and discover that their exit route would not open for them, rendering them trapped – albeit temporarily. Other visitors have spoken of seeing shadows moving through empty spaces and to an oppressive feeling they have experienced while walking around the property and through the surrounding woodlands. Several others sensed that they were being watched.

As if haunted woods and a creepy abandoned house were not enough, local legend also refers to a mystical, serpent-like creature called a Peist which lives in the waters of neighbouring Lough Carra.

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Muckloon, Mayo, Ireland

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