Mick Lally Theatre (Druid Theatre Company)

Mick Lally Theatre (Druid Theatre Company)
Galway, Ireland.

In 1979, the established Druid Theatre Company moved into a former tea storehouse on Courthouse Lane, off Quay Street in Galway City. The building, which is now officially known as the Mick Lally Theatre after one of its founding members, was one of several in the area which had sat abandoned for a number of years. Following the enormous success of the theatre in its new home, Courthouse Lane was renamed “Druid Lane” in 1996 to mark the company’s 21st anniversary, and the lane is now a busy thoroughfare and a cultural hub in this thriving city.

The area was once populated by nuns and several properties there would have served as their accommodation. The ghost of a faceless nun has been seen wandering silently along Druid Lane outside the theatre and along the neighbouring streets. In the 1980s, a well-known actor, Sean McGinley, was at work in the theatre late one night when he reported hearing strange noises inside the building itself. Understandably, he took that as his cue to head home for the night rather than go and investigate.

Venue Name
Druid Lane, Galway, H91 N5X9, Ireland

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