Markree Castle

Markree Castle
Colloone, Sligo, Ireland.

The 17th-century Markree Castle in County Sligo is a luxury castle hotel set in 500 acres of gardens and wooded areas. The public areas have been beautifully preserved with period features, furnishings, and traditional open fires. There are 31 beautifully appointed bedrooms, offering guests an alternative to the large corporate style hotels while still being able to access every modern convenience.

In the same way that the living are assured of a warm welcome, the Markree Castle hotel has also embraced its resident phantom. A little girl haunts the property, and her activity has been regular enough that staff and guests now refer to her as “Pippa”.

Pippa is a friendly but playful spirit, and she has been known to lock guests in their rooms and cause minor mishaps. The owners have apparently learned that one way to avoid experiencing her tricks is to bring her a gift.

Naturally, she is drawn to young children. One guest brought their two-year-old to the hotel and was surprised when she heard her talking to herself. When questioned, the child told her that she was talking to her friend and pointed towards a corner…but there was nobody there.

The cellar is also said to be haunted and guests can explore (at their own risk) by arrangement with staff.

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4 star rated.
Number Of Bedrooms
Clooneenroe, Colloone, Sligo, F91 AE81, Ireland

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