Maldron Hotel Shandon

Maldron Hotel Shandon
Shandon, Cork, Ireland.

Although extended and no longer reminiscent of its earlier self, The Maldron Hotel Shandon building originally served as Cork’s first general hospital – the North Infirmary Hospital, which opened in 1720. It served as a hospital for 267 years and withstood periods of great conflict, at home and overseas. Thousands of people with varying needs passed through its doors for treatment, but not all of them were to make it out again – and some have remained long after the hospitals’ closure in 1987.

Now a well-regarded 4-star hotel, guests of the Maldron Hotel Shandon have experienced all manner of phenomena and it is believed that one room – room 325 – was even sealed off due to the intense activity that had reported in there.

One of the ghosts believed to haunt the building is that of a nun, who felt responsible for the accidental death of a patient in her care. Her remorseful spirit is said to wonder the old wards as a penance. The hotel gym is in the area once used as the hospital mortuary, and mirrors have been broken by unseen forces in this space. Equipment has also been known to malfunction in here, and in guest bedrooms where televisions have been known to turn themselves on. Noises have been heard emanating from empty guest rooms, and the forlorn spirit of a woman has been sighted in corridors and rooms, desperately begging for someone to help her. It is believed that this poor soul died during childbirth.

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I stayed in room 317. 100% there was a figure in a wheelchair beside the bed, that was December 2020. The last two nights I stayed in room 529 and there were large shadows flying about the room. I checked reflections, widow, curtains, etc, and no explanation.

I stayed there on a tour on 1 September 2017. I had a ghost cat in my room. 2 or 3 other rooms had independent paranormal experiences. I am an engineer and do not believe in paranormal stuff but this makes me question my beliefs for the first time. We all had our windows looking out to the cemetery.

The window overlooked the cemetery, we saw a ghost at the wardrobe, a lady the height of the wardrobe wearing a beige dress with flowers and felt as if we were being watched all night. As well as our door not opening as if it was locked from the inside as the front light had turned green when we inserted the card but still not opening for a good 5 mins.

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John Redmond Street, Shandon, Cork, T23 A9TF, Ireland

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Blocked Off Room (collected via YouTube)
My wife and I are staying in room 318, and the so called haunted room is right next door. We just realized it about a hour ago. It's a door with no number. When you open it it's blocked off with sheet rock. There is a few name's on it. We are going to right our name on it. Funny thin […]
Eerie Feelingh (collected from YouTube)
I stayed there in 2020. And yes there is a sealed up hotel room that no one enters. I didn't experience anything. But none the less It was still in the back of mind that the hotel was haunted. My room faced the cemetery. And the sealed room was above my room. I did get an eerie feel […]
Footsteps and doors shaking
Me and my family just stayed here yesterday for the easter weekend and me and my boyfriend woke up at 6am in our double executive room to our door rapidly shaking and the handle turning as if someone was trying to get in followed by footsteps walking above us that sounded like they were o […]
Our First Paranormal Experience
It happened last week’ we stayed few night in Maldron Shandon hotel in Cork. We stayed in room 409. Our bedroom was located just in front of a cemetery and a church. On the groundfloor’ there is the history of the building with some old pictures recently printed mentioning that it was a h […]


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