Lover's Leap

Lover's Leap
Bray, Wicklow, Ireland.

It is said “Lover’s Leap” derived its name from a tragic event that occurred in the area many years ago, but whether this actually happened or not is open to interpretation!

A young man is said to have died of a broken heart having discovered that his beloved girlfriend had cheated on him. The young woman was so overcome with guilt and remorse that she sat by his grave each night, in the belief that he would return. As time progressed, her state of mind become and more befuddled. She had convinced herself that her lover had forgiven her and walked with her each day when she carried out her graveside ritual. Even more worryingly, he seemed to be calling on her to join him. Her family grew increasingly concerned for her well-being, eventually confining her to her room, but she escaped. As the family realised that she was no longer safe in her room, her brother ran down to the glen knowing that he would find her there, but it was too late. He arrived just in time to see the young woman climb on to the rock and throw herself into the watery abyss beneath.

It is said that her forlorn spirit returns to this spot around midsummer each year and repeats her fateful flight.

Venue Name
Dargle Valley, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland

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