Kinnitty Castle Hotel

Kinnitty Castle Hotel
Birr, Offaly, Ireland.

Kinnitty Castle is a famously haunted hotel and has been the subject of many paranormal investigations. Competition is fierce if trying to book a room here for Halloween.

This picture-perfect, castle hotel offers 37 guest bedrooms, which are all sympathetically furnished to maintain the ambiance of this 13th-century property. Some rooms enjoy large windows and high ceilings while others have stone walls and wooden beams. The corridors and staterooms are bedecked with original features. Indeed, the hotel has been true and faithful to its original purpose and while some people may prefer higher-end modernised castle hotels, Kinnitty Castle is truly and unapologetically authentic with its creaky floorboards and narrow passages.

The 650 acres of land that surround the hotel include the ruins of an Augustinian Abbey. The ghost of a guardian monk – affectionately referred to as Hugh, has been spotted in the banqueting hall and Dungeon Bar by many staff and guests over the years, and is said to have interacted with a staff member called Margaret. In 2007, Margaret told the Irish Independent that Hugh had spoken to her and told her that she reminded him of a woman called Mary Kelleher, but nobody has been able to identify who Mary was. It would appear that Hugh is a friendly and mischievous soul. He has been known to hide cutlery and according to the late medium, Derek Accorah, Hugh particularly likes weddings and loves to mingle with guests.

The Geraldine Room is a particular favourite with guests hoping to experience some paranormal activity. Guests staying in the attic room claim to have seen a little girl and heard child-like footsteps, laughing and whimpering, while others have reported seeing shadows and the apparition of an adult female dressed in white. The spectre of a man has also been seen walking down the castle corridors. Other guests have spoken of hearing breathing, witnessed shadows crossing their rooms, and even of a television changing channel by itself.

A circle of standing stones is also located on the grounds and witnesses have reported seeing shadows and strange lights in this area.

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We did wake up to the chair moving across the room at one point, and then at 5am I was awoken to my mom screaming over a woman standing at the end of our bed, did a bit of research and we found a lady called Augusta who lived in the hotel at some point in time and was known to roam the place.

We went to bed and when the lights went out, the room was black dark… then we heard breathing coming from the corner of the room. I never slept a wink all night. My boyfriend then told me he saw a shadow in the room at 3 am!

We went for a walk down the driveway and it was very dark with all the trees that cover over it, and on the way back, well let’s just say that I now know what it’s like to get “frozen to the spot” as they say.

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4 star rated.
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Castletown, Birr, Offaly, R42 CY50, Ireland

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Geraldine room (collected via YouTube)
Beautiful place - Was lucky enough to stay in the Geraldine room recently, saw some orbs which was soon followed by a few rings of the fire alarm outside the door at 3am ! Would love to go back ! Library bar is a lovely spot to enjoy a few drinks and take in the surroundings


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