Killakee House

Killakee House
Dublin 16, Dublin, Ireland.


Killakee House is either closed or it may be a private property. Please refer to Visitor Notes for further information.

Killakee House sits in the shadow of the infamous hunting lodge on Mountpellier Hill, known as the Dublin Hellfire Club. The property was originally built as a Steward’s House attached to the original Killakee House which was a grand, early nineteenth century manor.

When the Hellfire Club was destroyed by fire, the group moved their hideous exploits in to the unassuming Steward’s House, and this may explain why the property has experienced significant paranormal turbulence.

When the O’Brien family acquired the property in 1968, strange noises were reported by Mrs O’Brien on the night she moved in, terrifying both her and her dogs. She discovered the next day that items had been disturbed overnight, even through there was no evidence of an intruder. Her family bought the property with the intention of establishing an arts centre and tea room, but tradesmen hired to carry out the necessary alterations, soon began to leave citing “ghostly happenings” in the house. Aside from cold spots and a locked door opening by itself, a worker witnessed a black cat “as big as an Alsatian” walking through a door and locking its eyes on the startled man before vanishing into thin air. But somehow, renovations did continue, and a few weeks later the finishing touches were being added with the help of an artist. As he was working, he noticed the same cat crouching in the hallway with its red eyes fixed firmly on him. He captured the likeness of the mysterious cat in a painting, and this is still displayed in the old house. Some believe that the cat may be related to dark rituals that were allegedly carried out at the Hellfire Club. The cat would often be accompanied by the ghost of a disfigured, male dwarf. According to some stories, a dwarf was sacrificed during a ritual on the hill, and in 1971, a workman seemed to verify this when he discovered the remains of a “small human” buried at the property – likely the victim of a ritual.

In 1922, the property was the residence of Lord (Hugh) Massy. He claimed that an intruder had broken in and was demanding money from him, and that he shot the intruder in an act of self defence. Whether this was true or not, a question remained over why the dead man was left where he fell, and why the authorities had not been contacted prior to his discovery. This incident is likely to explain why the ghost of a man in a blood soaked shirt was seen in an upstairs room. Some reported hearing the sound of running in the empty hallway, so maybe the man was trying to escape when he was shot.

Two phantom nuns with black eyes were seen in the courtyard, and it was thought that they may have participated in dark rituals on the hill.

Whatever was happening at the Murphy’s property, it was getting out of control. Noises disturbed the family at all hours of the day and night, a member of the family was allegedly pushed down the stairs by an unseen force, objects were appearing out of context, and furniture was literally being smashed to pieces. An exorcism was carried out in the early 1970s and this appeared to calm things slightly, although activity was reported on a lower scale for a while. The O’Brien’s however, did decide to leave and the house was left empty for a time.

It is not known if things are quiet these days. A cafe operated successfully here until it was forced to close during the pandemic. One would assume if the living accommodation is occupied, that all is quiet – and we can hope that is the case. Fingers crossed that the cafe will reopen at some point too and people can find out for themselves if all is finally well at Killakee House.

The Black Cat of Killakee by Tom McAssey
The Black Cat of Killakee by Tom McAssey

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