Hollywood Estate (2010)

Hollywood Estate (2010)
Cork, Ireland.

In 2010, multiple media outlets picked up the story of a young family that had fled a property on a Cork estate due to alleged paranormal activity.

Small items were moved by unseen hands, taps would turn on by themselves and furniture would move of its own accord. Strange lights, dark masses and pungent odours were also reported, while alarming screams were heard by neighbours, even when the property was empty. The final straw came when a child was thrown across his bedroom by an unseen force. The family fled the property and sought help from the council and local media.

Cork 96 FM invited Paul O’Halloran, a spiritualist, to visit the property and investigate what was happening. Paul revealed that there were multiple trapped spirits in the area and that their energy was being focused on the property. A group of children, victims of the great famine and even a sixteenth century highway man were among the energies that he encountered.

A cleansing ritual was carried out at the property with O’Halloran claiming that he had released the trapped spirits and that all would be quiet, however the family refused to return.

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