Grand Central Hotel

Grand Central Hotel
Belfast, Antrim, Ireland.


This property no-longer exists.

The Castle Court Shopping Centre opened in 1990 on the site formerly occupied by the Grand Central Hotel.

Back in the days of the hotel, it was said to be haunted by the ghost of a gas fitter who died in the building. They called him “Scottie Shoe”. According to a report, he appeared to William Jenkins, a British Army Officer when the hotel was being used by the army during the first world war. Jenkins recounted seeing the figure advancing towards him when he was alone in his quarters, and he knew it was a ghost because the apparition’s legs were partly through the floor. Jenkins screamed and ran out of his accommodation. Other soldiers based in the building found him cowering at the foot of the stairs.

There have been no encounters that I am aware of since the hotel was demolished and replaced, but if you have experienced anything strange in the shopping centre, do add your experience.

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Venue Name
Hotel  | Retail / Office
Royal Avenue, Belfast, Antrim, BT1 1DD, Ireland

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