Glin Castle

Glin Castle
Limerick, Ireland.

The original Glin Castle was built in the 14th-century by the Lord of Desmond. Over subsequent centuries, the castle was attacked several times and in 1601 it was seized by the British. The castle was later abandoned but was rebuilt in the 1780s as a family home. Bar one attack during the Irish Civil War, the new incarnation of Glin Castle has been a home and a place of hospitality for many years, briefly serving as a hotel from 1993 to 2008. The property is now available for exclusive hire for film shoots, weddings, events, golf tours, and more.

The ghosts of those who were killed during early battles on the site are believed to still haunt the grounds to this day, while the ghost of a tradesman called Henry has been spotted several times on the magnificent flying staircase inside the property. It is said that he was working on the structure in the 1820s when his safety rope gave way and he fell from the scaffold to his death. A former employee recalled that his solid form has been seen floating around the area and that a ghostly rope was also known to appear here on occasion. The haunting has been witnessed by several people.

In the 1960s, several female staff encountered poltergeist activity on the third floor of Glin Castle. Two ladies were staying at the great house overnight and were woken by the sound of clattering on the landing and of someone rooting through the nearby linen cupboard. This was accompanied by the sound of laboured breathing on the stairs. When they investigated, there was nobody there and the hall was silent.

Employees have also commented that the Yellow Crown bedroom always feels cold and some report a sense of being watched while working in there, while the twentieth Earl of Glin is reported to appear on occasion, sitting in his favourite armchair in the smoking room.

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Glin Demesne, Limerick, V94 VF68, Ireland

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