Errigal-Truagh Graveyard

Errigal-Truagh Graveyard
Dundian, Monaghan, Ireland.

This is a sinister tale of a fearful spirit that was once believed to haunt young mourners attending funeral services at Errigal graveyard. It was widely believed that a ghost (some believe a demon) would take human form in the shape of a beautiful woman or a handsome man (depending on the intended target of their “affection”) and that it would prey on their vulnerability as they mourned someone close to them. The innocent soul’s guard would of course be down and if they were last to leave the graveyard, the spirit would make their move.

They would attempt to lure the affection of their victim, leading them to promise that they would return exactly one month from that date, to the place that they had met – this being the graveyard. The agreement would be sealed with a kiss – a kiss of death. Once that pact was made, the spirit would vanish and soon after the awful reality would dawn on the poor soul that succumbed to its advances. What had they done? Had they sealed a contract with an evil entity who would now take their soul?

Believing they were surely doomed, madness would ensue. Sure enough, one month later, they would return to the graveyard where they met the figure, but this time it would be for their own funeral.

William Carleton recounted the tale of one young man in his ballad “The Churchyard Bride”. As an aside to the ballad, he added the following note:

I was shown the grave of a young person about eighteen years of age, who was said, about four months before, to have fallen a victim to it, and not many months previously a man in the same parish declared that he had given the promise and the fatal kiss, and consequently looked upon himself as lost. He took fever, died, and was buried on the day appointed for the meeting, which was exactly a month from the interview. Incredible as it may appear, the friends of those two persons declared (at least those of the young man did), to myself that the particulars of the meeting were detailed repeatedly by the two persons, without the slightest variation.

Some also believed that if the spirit’s needs were not satisfied by unsuspecting mourners, they would attend other events in the locality and try their luck there.

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Dundian, Monaghan, Ireland
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