Dundermot Mound

Dundermot Mound
Glarryford, Antrim, Ireland.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this peaceful country setting would be a nice spot to explore and to reconnect with nature, but no – keep walking. In fact, maybe you should run!

Some believe that the mound is a gateway to hell and that once a year, the gate will open and demons will spew forth to wreak havoc in the area. Should anyone witness the spectacle or see the demons at work, and they will be dragged straight to hell.

According to one version of this legend, Thomas Meharg was driving his mail coach from Belfast to Londonderry in 1798. As he made his journey, a ferocious storm rolled in, but the driver was determined to continue. He encountered people along the way who warned him that the Glarryford Bridge had been washed away by the storm, but he decided to carry on as far as he could. As he passed through Cullybackey, he reportedly stopped and asked someone “is the bridge at Glarryford down?”. He continued on and was never seen again. The horses, the carriage and their driver, all seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.

Some believed that poor Thomas had witnessed the opening of the gate at Dundermot Mound and that he had been dragged into the underworld.

For centuries there has been talk of a phantom coachman that appears in the area. The driver would stop and ask the unfortunate witness “is the bridge at Glarryford still up?”. If they answered the question, legend has it that they would die within a year. So if you’re out walking and you happen to meet him, rude as it may seem, keep your eyes to the floor and your mouth shut!

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Glarryford, Antrim, Ireland

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