Duncannon Fort

Duncannon Fort
New Ross, Wexford, Ireland.

The Normans constructed a fort here during the 12th century, but it’s possible that the site may have been used for defence purposes even before that. The Duncannon Fort we can see today dates to the late sixteenth century and was built by order of Queen Elizabeth I to defend the territory against potential attack by the Spanish Armada.

Over the course of 450 years, the site played a role in historic battles and was also a place of incarceration and execution. In 1645, it fell in to the hands of the Confederate Catholics but not before a tense six week onslaught during which the fort held firm. Oliver Cromwell attempted to take it back in 1649 and failed in his mission, but he succeeded the following year and it remained in British hands until 1919. The fort was partially destroyed during the Irish Civil War only to be rebuilt during the Second World War.

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Naturally, the land here has soaked up a lot of emotion and literal blood over the years, so it is not surprising that the energy of those who lived, worked, fought, were imprisoned and even died here, has left a mark.

It is said that a soldier that was stationed here fell in love with the wife of his commanding officer. While it would appear that his feelings were secretly reciprocated, the lady he desired could never publicly acknowledge how she felt out of fear of what her husband might do to the two of them if he ever suspected there was something going on. This was too much for the young man to bear, and in act of desperation, he took his own life. The ghost of the solider has reportedly been encountered by the stairs in the mess hall, and the tragic sound of a woman crying has also been reported.

During the Irish Rebellion, rebels were detained in cells here. In 2011, two paranormal investigators reported that something was thrown when they walked down a tunnel towards an area known as the Croppy Boy’s Cell. Other visitors have reported an uneasy feeling while exploring this part of the old fort, while others have spoken of a sense of incredible sadness. The ghost of a young man has also been seen down here.

Elsewhere on the site, visitors have reported hearing voices and encountering cold spots, while some have seen phantom soldiers still keeping guard over the old fort.

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