Duckett's Grove

Duckett's Grove
Palatine, Carlow, Ireland.

Duckett’s Grove is a former great house, originally built in 1745 for the Duckett family. At the time, they would have been Carlow’s largest landowners and the fine Georgian style house would have been set on 12,000 acres of land. The house was later rebuilt and then remodeled in the 19th century, to form the impressive gothic property, the shell of which we see today.

Sadly, the property was gutted by fire in April 1933, and all the original features and furnishings were lost forever. Today, the building itself is a haunting and inaccessible ruin, but two historic walled gardens – which have been completely restored – are now open to the public. Christmas Markets and other events also take place on extensive grounds.

Given the sad state of the house itself and the troubled times that it has seen, a curse that was placed upon it many years ago may have had the desired effect. It is said that William Duckett was having an affair with a young, local woman. One day, when riding across the estate together, she fell from her horse and was killed. In her grief, the woman’s mother placed a Piseóg upon the Duckett family and their property. This was a curse intended to bring misfortune and eventual ruin. Since the spell was cast, the wailing of a banshee has sometimes been heard echoing through the ruins of the house and warning those who hear her cries of impending personal tragedy. Her cries have been speculatively linked to at least two deaths in recent times.

Duckett’s Grove has been visited by many a paranormal enthusiast over the years, each keen to learn more about the ghostly goings-on in and around the imposing structure. Although sealed off to the public, those who have accessed the building itself have reported strange occurrences in the derelict building. The noise and fuss of a busy kitchen have been heard where the great house kitchen and pantry once stood, and disembodied voices, mysterious lights, music, strange sounds, and full-bodied apparitions have also been reported throughout the derelict property. The ghost of William Duckett himself has been seen, still riding a horse, and possibly reliving the fateful day in which his mistress fell to her death, while a ghostly horse and carriage have been spotted pulling up outside this once spectacular home.

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Great House  | Great House Garden / Parkland
Palatine, Carlow, R93 RF80, Ireland

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