Drumbeg House

Drumbeg House
Inver, Donegal, Ireland.

Drumbeg House (Drumbeg Manor) has seen many uses over the years, serving as a private home, an orphanage, a nursing home and also as a hotel. As at June 2024, I believe the house has been renovated and is once again in use as a private residence.

Many visitors to the property have claimed that the house and the grounds are haunted, with some freely affording it the title of Ireland’s (or even Europe’s) “most haunted house” – although I would like to see some eye witness accounts before going that far. Many have claimed to have heard footsteps, voices and terrifying screams in and around the building, while others say they have witnessed the spectre of a man in a white suit roaming the grounds.

Venue Name
Inver, Donegal, Ireland

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