Drombeg Stone Circle

Drombeg Stone Circle
Cork, Ireland.

Drombeg stone circle is located near Glandore County Cork.

Stone circles are generally believed to have been created to mark a sacred space for the worship of gods, goddesses, elements, the changing seasons, or to mark out specific times of the year. Indeed, they have powerful and mystical connotations at the best of times and who is to say what the energy surrounding these ancient structures is actually capable of.

The Drombeg Stone Circle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a pregnant woman who became obsessed with the stones and drowned herself a few weeks before she was due to give birth. Some also believe that human sacrifices have taken place within the stone circle on the rock known as the Druid’s Altar and that the site is haunted by the ghosts of the souls who were sacrificed.

Archaeologist, Boyle Somerville, visited the circle in September 1935 and was accompanied by a psychic medium, Geraldine Cummings. In his book “A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany”, fellow archaeologist, Aubrey Burl, recounted Somerville’s experience and how the medium was deeply uncomfortable at the site. Burl wrote:

She did not like the place. She felt it was…a place where animals, if not small children, were sacrificed at each winter solstice. She ‘saw’ a priest in blue and saffron robes standing at the altar of the recumbent about to kill his human offering. Drombeg was cursed. It was ‘guarded by spirits of darkness’.

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