Curraghchase House

Curraghchase House
Kilcornan, Limerick, Ireland.

Curraghchase House dates to 1657. It was constructed by Cromwellian officer, Vere Hunt and was home of the De Vere family for three centuries.

In the 1930s, a series of unexplained events took place at the house. Doors were seen opening and closing by themselves, furniture was seen moving of its own accord and footsteps were heard emanating from empty rooms. The ghost of a young boy was also spotted in the house.

Bishop Handley Moule travelled from England and conducted a “private service of exorcism”. A diary entry from the time recorded that there were “restless spirits but not at all distressed or worrying”.

On the 21st of December 1941, the house was destroyed by fire and only a shell remains. Little is known as to whether the ghostly inhabitants remain inside the property, but the spectre of a lady has been spotted by the lake on several occasions. She has also been heard crying in this area.

Venue Name
Curraghchase Forest Park, Kilcornan, Limerick, V94 KP8H, Ireland

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