Curragh Camp

Curragh Camp
Curragh, Kildare, Ireland.

Founded in 1855, The Curragh Camp is an army base and military training centre located in The Curragh. For obvious reasons, the camp itself is not open to the public but a museum now operates at the site and the location details on this entry pertain to that.

With such an impressive history attached to this location, it crossed my mind that there must surely be some ghost stories attached to it – and sure enough, there are! The following experiences are all in the public domain.

He saw a figure approaching the tower he was stationed at, which is about 20 foot above the ground. From a different source, I heard that the figure was able to rattle the handle of the door from the outside, despite the fact that the outside handle is removed and kept on the soldier for security reasons. He did in fact cock his weapon, and put a round in the chamber, which I suppose is serious enough in army terms.

My grandfather told me of an incident that happened at the same spot in the 60’s, when he was stationed at the Curragh. a man based in said tower, was out approaching the perimeter fence. He apparently heard waves and waves of shouting, screaming, clashing, neighing etc! He emptied a full magazine into the darkness in panic. That spot is in the very middle of the gibbet rath, an area where there was a massacre of Irish rebels, I think in the late 1700’s. i recall hearing many similar stories of the sounds of battle coming from the area. Back in the 80s, my uncle was travelling home to Brownstown from Kildare Town. He reported hearing these same sounds coming from the area. He also mentioned how it seemed to come in waves.

Another area in the camp where I heard stories from was the fire station. My grandfather again told me of this, a military policeman who was on duty in the night in question told him. They got the story from the injured man while he recovered in hospital. Another man had been working on one of the engines in the lobby of the station. He heard the side door open, and footsteps walk around the engine and start up the stairs. He looked but saw no one, and assumed he had just missed them. Some moments later, he heard a scream and the above mentioned injured man came over the banisters and landed on the ground. He later reported feeling a pushing sensation, and coldness, and was then forced over the banisters.

There were a couple of occasions when on hospital guard, the chains on the security doors went crazy and on checking the doors all was in order. I remember one particular night the duty officer coming down and after being halted etc. and checking the guard, he was on his way out when he asked “who is that down there at the old pharmacy walking around?”. On checking things and doing a head count there was no one there, and when one of the lads said “Sir, that’s the ghost that walks around the place at night”. Next thing, the padlocked door slammed open and shut as if a wind had blown up suddenly. But again, on checking everything out, all was as it should be. When the officer submitted his report the next day he was nearly committed but would not change his story and had 4 witnesses that saw what happened. Also in McDonagh quarters, there was a soldier with a peaked cap seen in the houses in the middle block and it was reputed that a soldier had passed away many years ago and was reputed to be seen on walk about in a couple of houses.

I remember waking up one night to see the white figure of an old man sitting on my knees. I must have been around 10 yrs old. I remember I couldn’t speak and just went back to sleep and never said anything about it to anyone until some years later. My brother mentioned that when he slept in our room he woke up to an old man sitting on the bed. Also, my brother-in-law stayed one night and saw a swirling of white light around the sitting room, and two of my other brothers saw apparitions in their room on a few occasions. So time to get the priest in and have the house blessed. I never looked on it as anything evil, just someone in limbo.

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Curragh, Kildare, Ireland

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