Coughlans Bar

Coughlans Bar
Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland.

Founded in the early 19th century, Coughlan’s Bar has been serving locals and visitors alike for nearly 200 years. Aside from the possibility that the pub may be built on the site of a medieval cemetery, rooms within the popular live music venue have previously been used as a doctor’s surgery and even a mortuary. Little wonder that the place is said to be haunted, even if the owners and management downplay the idea.

Phenomena reported at the venue have included unexplained noises and glasses falling off counters. But in October 2020, security cameras caught the moment that a full bottle of gin flew from a shelf and narrowly missed a barman who was working nearby. Check out the video footage below.

Personally, I wonder if the barman accidentally dislodged the bottle when he stuck the label on the shelf just before it fell – maybe there was a slight vibration that caused the bottle to fall? But what do YOU think? Have you visited Coughlan’s Bar? Did you experience anything unusual? Click “Add Your Experience” above and tell me about it!

Venue Name
7 Douglas Street, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 DX39, Ireland

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