Corrib Park (1997)

Corrib Park (1997)
Corrib Park Area, Galway, Ireland.

In 1997, the plight of a family living on a Galway estate came to the public’s attention. Following the birth of a child in 1996, the family began to experience poltergeist activity in their home, and the phenomena was witnessed by several parties. Members of the same family had lived at the same property for 30 years without issue. Priests were called in to assist but their intervention only seemed to make matters worse.

Sandra Ramdhanie, a medium attached to a national newspaper, visited the property and revealed that the activity was caused by the spirit of a baby boy. The child had been born to an unmarried mother over 100 years before, and was smothered to death in the presence of a priest and a nun. Sandra performed a healing ceremony at the property, and the activity ceased.

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Corrib Park Area, Galway, Ireland
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Closed - No Entry

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