Cork City Gaol

Cork City Gaol
Cork, Ireland.

Cork City Gaol opened in 1824 and was flagged as “the finest in the three kingdoms”, having replaced an earlier prison which was described as “overcrowded and unhygienic”. The prison closed in August 1923 and in 1927, Raidió Teilifís Éireann opened a studio at the building to broadcast live radio to the city of Cork. This base remained open until the 1950s when the old prison was empty once more and left to the elements.

During the restoration of the Cork City Gaol in the early nineties, several workers claimed to have heard men’s voices and were unable to trace their source. Electrical items were turned on and off, and sometimes even physically moved. When the building was reopened as an attraction in 1993, a member of staff heard the word “daddy” being called out and went to investigate what she believed to be a lost child, only to witness a woman in green walking through a wall.

To this day, staff and visitors still experience their clothes being tugged, and some have reported seeing full apparitions. One member of staff recalled hearing a swooshing sound and feeling something soft brushing her leg. It was as if a woman in a long dress was passing close, but she was completely alone at the time.

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Loved my visit here. Very knowledgeable staff and gives you the feel of how it was for the inmates. I even had a ghost encounter in one of the cells and when I went back and told the man he informed me that, yes – a lot of people encounter the exact same thing in that particular cell.

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Spooky Tour Experience
I was at this jail a few years ago with a family member when I was about 12 or so, we were walking on the floor where the abandoned or off limits hallways were. I remember vividly looking down at one specifically and at the end of the tunnel, I saw a woman, wearing a white gown or a dress […]


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