Coolbawn House

Coolbawn House
Rathnure, Wexford, Ireland.

Coolbawn House is an abandoned 19th-century property in County Wexford. It was constructed in 1840 on the site of an earlier fire-ravaged property, and on the order of the owner, politician Francis Bruen. In its day, it would have been a fabulous Tudor revival property with many decorative stone and granite embellishments. But like many English-owned great houses, Coolbawn was burnt to the ground in 1923 during the Irish Civil War. It was never rebuilt, and a shell is all that now remains.

It is said that on a dark, stormy night many years ago, a young servant girl was watching the wind, rain, and lightning when a lightning bolt struck the window she was standing at and killed her instantly. Just like a camera captures a moment, the impact of the lightning strike burned her likeness onto the glass and preserved that terrible snapshot for many years until the fire left the house in ruin.

The ghost of the young woman is now said to haunt Coolbawn House, and her figure has been seen looking out of the glassless window where she met her untimely death.

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Grange, Rathnure, Wexford, Ireland
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