Convent of Mercy

Convent of Mercy
Londonderry, Derry, Ireland.

Now in a sorry state, this historic building has several layers, all of which could be said to have contributed to it’s haunted reputation. The property dates to 1780 when it opened as the King’s Arms Hotel. In 1846 it came into use as a college, before eventually passing into the hands of the Sisters of Mercy who remained at the site until 2005.

It was shortly after the nuns had vacated the property, that workmen began to encounter strange occurrences during renovation works. The nuns slept in small rooms on the top floor and some of the workers encountered an oppressive presence in this area. Sometimes, the feeling here was so strong that they had to leave the space entirely. In the former refectory, a carpet layer’s head was suddenly pushed down towards the floor by unseen hands. He was on his own in the room at the time. A tall woman dressed in black has also been spotted, standing on the stairs.

Venue Name
Pump Street, Londonderry, Derry, Ireland

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