Connolly Station

Connolly Station
Dublin, Ireland.

Despite its modern interior, Connolly Station is in fact a very old and historic building. Each day, thousands of people pass through it and virtually all of them will be unaware that this busy station is haunted.

One night in 2011, a security guard was on duty at the deserted station and was monitoring the cameras. He claimed that saw a figure resembling a soldier dressed in grey clothing walking along a disused platform. The guard went to investigate but there was no sign of the mysterious visitor and there was no way that he could have gotten in (or out) of the building without being seen. Doors have been known to open and close of their own accord, and there have also been claims of poltergeist activity at the station over the years.

On the 31st May 1941, German forces dropped four bombs on the North Dublin area and 28 people were killed just metres from the station. Perhaps some of the victims are responsible for the alleged activity in and around it.

Venue Name
1 Amiens Street, Dublin, Ireland
Admission Policies
Free Admission
Private Property - Open But Please Respect
Facilities & Services
Fully Accessible
Bar Available
Café / Coffee Shop / Restaurant

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The tunnel
In the tunnel going up to platform 6 and 7 I have been hearing noises from behind me with no one there. This has happened twice at least at night and there is a loud heavy breathing coming from the speaker and inaudible words. I know somethings there.


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