Clontarf Castle Hotel

Clontarf Castle Hotel
Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland.

While the four-star rated Clontarf Castle Hotel offers 21st century standards of comfort and service, this visually striking hotel has been sympathetically developed around a 12th-century Norman castle. Guests can avail of a night in one of 11 rooms and suites, enjoy fine dining in one of two restaurants, and a traditional pint of Guinness in the Knights Bar.

It is said that every castle has at least one ghost, and the same can be said for Clontarf Castle. However, for understandable reasons, not all hotels like to share their stories publicly and such is the case here. Luckily for us, there is nothing to stop former guests from sharing details of their alleged encounters on social media and on sites such as Trip Advisor. Thanks to the latter, word of a haunted staircase and unexplained sightings and activity in guest bedrooms have emerged.

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Our room was in the roof complete with a window seat skylight. It was small but complete with a bath and fridge. When I got up on the window seat I could admire the castle guard tower and in the darkness, I could swear I saw a medieval bowman perched on top. Haunted? The desk says they cannot discuss such things.

We loved our stay at Clontarf Castle many years ago, maybe 1999. I would love to return, but I must add I do believe there is a resident ghost. While resting from my long journey, while asleep—the TV turned itself on and off again. The shower came on and shut itself off. Each time I woke to see if my husband had awakened. He had not!

In response to a review published in 2018, the hotel manager issued the following reply:

As the hotel is originally a 12th-century castle and has a rich history, guests occasionally believe that it is haunted and some like yourself have experienced mysterious incidents.

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4 star rated.
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Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin, D03 W5N0, Ireland

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