Clonony Castle

Clonony Castle
Shannon Harbour, Offaly, Ireland.

Clonony Castle is a Tudor-style castle dating to the 15th-century. The castle was captured by the forces of King Henry VIII and was presented to the father of Anne Boleyn as a dowry. Anne’s two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, took refuge there when the King got bored with Anne and had her beheaded. The sisters remained there until they died are now buried on the grounds near the tower.

The castle was abandoned and left to the elements for many years before a comprehensive restoration commenced under the current owners. Today, parts of the castle are open to the public on a casual basis during the summer and visitors can get a sense of what life was really like in a castle many years ago, with its cold stone walls, concealed passages, and the obligatory murder hole.

It is my understanding that the owners of Clonony Castle intend to offer a glamping option on the site, and I have therefore included the castle as an accommodation option.

The ghost of a thin man from medieval times has been spotted on several occasions at the top of the three-storey tower. Accounts vary as to what the man is wearing with some describing him as a soldier and others as a peasant. Other reports suggest that he is wearing a suit of armour and that there is a soft glow emanating from him. It is the alleged glow that has resulted in him being spotted by motorists as they pass the castle during the night.

According to local folklore, there is also a subterranean cave that was once used as a crypt. The story suggests that another ghost resides there and that this one is malevolent, but there are no specific accounts detailing experiences of this supposed spirit.

Other phenomena that have been reported at the castle include mysterious lights and strange, unnatural sounds.

Venue Name
Clonony, Shannon Harbour, Offaly, R42 DW01, Ireland

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Open Weekends Only
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Free Admission
Donations Welcome
Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult

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