Clayton Hotel, Sligo

Clayton Hotel, Sligo
Ballinode, Sligo, Ireland.

Despite its popularity, one only has to look at the exterior of the Clayton Hotel to know that there is more to this building than meets the eye.

The Sligo Asylum opened here in 1855. In the 1920s, it became known as the Sligo Mental Hospital, and later St. Columba’s Hospital during the 1950s. The hospital closed in 1992, and the site was transformed into a hotel thirteen years later.

I have seen an account of an experience that took place at the site while the hospital was being converted. At the time, construction workers had a canteen set up in the carpark at the front of the building. Several workers reportedly witnessed a woman and child, both in period clothing, walking through one end of their portacabin and straight through to the other side – passing through tables and chairs as they went. The startled workers (tough construction workers) went to check things out, but there was no trace of the woman or her child anywhere.

While the hotel is well regarded and attracts many repeat guests, some have reported strange experiences while staying here. Ghostly figures have occasionally been reported, and guests have noted lights and televisions turning themselves on and off. The well known actor, Paul Mescal, even recounted his own strange experience while sharing a room with his younger brother at the hotel more than a decade ago.

The door was propped open, we heard this whistling. We were watching a Spongebob movie. We stopped it for a minute and the whistling got really loud. Then the chair that was propping the door open, flew into the bedroom, the door slammed shut. We were screaming at the top of our lungs. I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but what happened in that room was weird, and kind of unexplainable.

There is also (allegedly) a room that has been withdrawn from service due to a high level of “paranormal complaints”.

I am aware that hotels sometimes like to keep these things under wraps, but this was an asylum! People do love a haunted hotel, so if you have had an experience while staying here, please click “Add Your Experience” and share it.

Third Party Comments

Sometimes, guests share their ghostly experiences on travel websites. Snippets of these reviews may be shared here from time to time.

We were chatting in our room and my sister saw a picture above my head of the old original building with a lady in it. She made a joke saying she looks like a ghost we had a laugh about it but I thought no more about it. The next t morning I asked my sister if she was rubbing my back last night in bed as I felt someone rubbing my back ( in my mind I knew it wasn’t my sis). She said no of course not and we both laughed about it. I said I must’ve dreamed it but it felt real like a woman was affectionately rubbing my back. My sister made a joke saying it must’ve been the lady from the picture we both looked at the picture then but there was no lady in the picture…. we both stared at each other then … Not really sure what the heck happened but I have an weird feeling about it now.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man in a navy coloured suit and he had light ashy hair looks like he’s in his late 30s standing beside the tv looking at my friends in the other room. I was about to take my phone to call the hotel reception or at least the guards, when the mad started floating away and disappeared. Then I realize I was seeing a ghost or whatever. I was petrified as heck. But honestly it’s a story to tell. Later then when I got home, my dad stayed in that hotel as well and in the middle of the night the shower started running. Creepy. I’d stay again for the haunted experience and the fantastic service they have.

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Hotel  | Hospital / Asylum
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4 star rated.
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Clarion Road, Ballinode, Sligo, F91 N8EF, Ireland

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