Castle Roche

Castle Roche
Forkhill, Louth, Ireland.


Castle Roche is either closed or it may be a private property. Please refer to Visitor Notes for further information.

It is believed that Castle Roche in County Louth dates to 1236. In its day, it would have been magnificent given its location on high ground with excellent views all around. The building itself was said to have been mighty impressive too, with a banqueting hall 3 stories high, and a deep moat surrounding the structure making it impregnable.

According to legend, Lady Rohesia de Verdun had the castle built when her first husband died while on business. In return for building her a castle, she offered her hand in marriage to the man who would build it for her.

When the fine castle was complete, the wedding took place as agreed. As the feast concluded, Lady Rohesia invited her unsuspecting, newlywed husband to survey the estate that she would supposedly now share with him from the window in their stateroom. But as he enjoyed the impressive view, he was pushed out of the window and his body was smashed on the rocks below. This is now referred to as the “murder window”. The ghost of Lady Rohesia’s poor husband has been spotted on several occasions, walking around the castle he built but was denied the opportunity to share and to enjoy.

Visitor Notes

What remains of Castle Roche is open to the public, but it is located on private land. Visitors are asked to park with consideration and to ensure that all gates are kept closed. It should also be noted that the path up to the castle is steep and rough.

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Forkhill, Louth, Ireland

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