Castle Matrix

Castle Matrix
Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland.


Castle Matrix is either closed or it may be a private property. Please refer to Visitor Notes for further information.

Castle Matrix was built by the Fitzgeralds in 1420.

On the 7th of December 1487, James FitzThomas FitzGerald, the 8th Earl of Desmond, was murdered by one of his servants. Given that he did not have an heir to succeed him, the title was inherited by his younger brother, Maurice. It is said the 8th Earl was not kind to his staff, and that his murderer, John Murtagh, assassinated his master either under the direction, or with the blessing of, the Earl’s youngest brother, John. Despite Maurice’s own issues with his late brother, blood proved to be thicker than water and he had the servant executed for his crime.

Although his death was avenged, it is said that James still haunts the castle. According to local folklore, every seven years, the spectre of another Earl is seen emerging from the waters of Lough Gur, and heading towards the castle. The ghost of a young girl has also been seen in the grounds.

Visitor Notes

Please note that the castle is on private property. I believe restoration work is in progress, so maybe it will one day open for visitors, but for now, please keep away.

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Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland


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