Castle Durrow

Castle Durrow
Durrow, Laois, Ireland.

Castle Durrow was constructed in the early 18th century and was the ancestral home of Lord Ashbrook. The castle was completely restored in the 1990s when it was opened as an elegant four-star, family-run hotel with 46 splendid bedrooms and a beautiful garden for guests to explore.

While some guests claim to have heard stories of a “friendly ghost” who haunts the hotel itself, Castle Durrow has not publicly confirmed whether there are any active hauntings within its walls. There are however some stories attached to the lands surrounding it.

A gang led by ruthless highwayman, Captain Jeremiah Grant, terrorised the local community in the early 19th Century. The gang is believed to have hidden their stolen treasure in the woodlands surrounding Durrow, and their malevolent spirits are still said to keep watch over it to this day, more than two hundred years after they were hanged for their horrendous crimes.

An obelisk is in a field adjacent to the hotel. This reportedly marks the spot where a young woman was killed when she came off her horse many years ago. Some claim that her ghost still visits the spot on occasion, and hotel guests have been known to wander out in the hope of catching a glimpse of her.

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4 star rated.
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Castleview, Durrow, Laois, R32 EA02, Ireland

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