Castle Caldwell

Castle Caldwell
Lower Lough Erne, Fermanagh, Ireland.

Perfect for walkers, the ruin of the 17th Century Castle Caldwell is located in a scenic forest on the shores of Lough Erne, near Belleek.

On the 13th of August 1770, a well-regarded fiddle-player by the name of Denis McCabe was hired to entertain castle guests on a barge floating on the lake. Tragically, McCabe lost his footing and fell overboard while playing. The guests were too intoxicated to rescue the musician and he drowned, still clutching his beloved instrument. A stone violin memorial was erected in his honour, but the ghost of the fiddler is said to walk the castle ruins to this day.

In 1798, two soldiers attempted to escape from a nearby battle and sought refuge at a property near the castle, but they were reported to the castle owner, and troops were dispatched to deal with the two “deserters”. The two men panicked and tried to run away, but one was shot dead as he jumped into the lake. He was buried nearby, and his ghost is believed to haunt the area known as Dead Man’s Island.

Another story tells of a gentleman in a black coat and hat who tries to catch the attention of passing motorists on a nearby road and then asks them to drop him at the castle gates. As they pull up to the gates, the man vanishes into thin air.

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Lower Lough Erne, Fermanagh, BT93 2AH, Ireland

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Open 24/7/365
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