Carrigaholt Castle

Carrigaholt Castle
Kilcredaun, Clare, Ireland.

Something very nasty is believed to be in hiding at Carrigaholt Castle in County Clare. The castle was built in the 15th century, overlooking the Shannon Estuary. Unlike later castles, this one was built for war rather than comfort and features include a murder hole above the entrance.

Today, the ruined five-storey structure is maintained by the Office of Public Works. It is not possible to explore the castle itself, but the location does make for some good photo opportunities if you happen to be in the area. According to many, you would not wish to enter this castle anyway – and sometimes things really are better off left alone.

As far back as 1875, it was said that ghosts were seen practicing military exercises in the field. That is fair enough but located within Carrigaholt Castle itself is a room that was sealed more than a hundred years ago to protect people from the sheer evil of the entity that supposedly resides within it. Multiple sources state that an exorcist attempted to enter the room in the 1920s with the intention of cleansing the castle of malevolent energy, but they were found dead the next morning having seemingly died of fright. The room was then permanently sealed for safety and entry to the castle is now forbidden. It should be noted that the structure itself is also unstable, which is another reason why the entrance to the building has been secured, but what on earth – or in hell – is in that room?

Even paranormal investigators tend to steer clear of this one, and I think I would pass too.

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Rinemackaderrig, Kilcredaun, Clare, Ireland
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Restricted Access

Additional Notes

I have included this entry as an acknowledgment of the haunting and for those who might be down that way anyway and who would want to know more about the castle, but I would not personally encourage a visit.

Users should always undertake their own checks before traveling to Carrigaholt Castle or any other location listed on this website, to ensure that it will be open and accessible.

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