Carlisle Road, Derry

Carlisle Road, Derry
Derry, Derry, Ireland.

In the early twentieth century, this building on Carlisle Street in Derry was known as Bond’s Hotel. The hotel closed in the 1960s and since then, the ground floor has been divided into retail units with the former bedrooms now serving as offices.

One of the first businesses to open at the site following the hotel’s closure, was a bridal shop. The owner of the store was made the main key holder and had the responsibility of checking the building was empty before she locked up for the night. Even then she was aware that part of the old building had a reputation for being haunted, but she paid no attention and just got on with running her business.

One night, she was locking up the building when she noted that a light had been left on in one of the top floor offices. When she stepped into the top floor corridor, she saw a woman standing opposite the door to the room where the light was coming from. The woman appeared to be stuck to the spot, with her back firmly against the wall as if she were frozen in fear. The shop owner asked the woman if she was alright. The terrified woman revealed that there was “a presence” there and that she couldn’t move. The shop owner couldn’t see anything, but was soon overcome with a sensation that something was not right. Despite the heat in the building, there was a distinct chill emanating from that room and both women were now aware that there was something malevolent yet unseen with them. It took half an hour for the two women to leave the space.

Following the experience that night, the shop owner refused to go to the top floor alone.

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