Blue Stack Mountains

Blue Stack Mountains
Donegal, Ireland.

This one may have more to do with a family attachment than a location based haunting, but it is chilling nevertheless.

A youth leader recalled a terrifying experience she had while exploring one of the Blue Stack mountain trails. It was a pleasant afternoon when she set off with her camera, but as she stood alone on the mountain, surveying the incredible views that surrounded her, the conditions began to deteriorate – as can happen at that altitude. It became windy, cold and damp as she began retracing her steps towards the camp. She struggled to maintain her balance as the wind became more ferocious and the earth beneath her softened. Suddenly, a terrifying shriek pierced through the wind, disorientating her further as she covered her ears to shield herself from whatever the hell it was she was listening to. The wind dropped momentarily, only to be replaced with a foul odour. She was then confronted by a stranger with wild hair and piercing eyes. The figure drew closer, pulling her to the ground and whispering something in her ear. The message was familiar but she could not quite decipher it during the assault. Suddenly, she found herself alone again, the wind had dropped and conditions were calm once more. She regained her composure and returned to camp.

When she arrived, she was informed that someone had tried to contact her while she was out but that they would try again later. When contact was made, the news was broken to her that her uncle had a passed away. It dawned on her that the figure on the mountain was in fact a banshee, and that she had whispered his name to her during her experience.

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Donegal, Ireland
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