Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle
Cork, Ireland.

Blarney Castle is home to the world-famous stone. Legend has it, that if you lay on your back and pull yourself out over the battlements to kiss the stone, you will be blessed with the gift of eloquence. These days there is a railing there to help you and bars so that you do not fall to your DEATH, but even so, it is not as easy as it sounds!

I am surprised that there is nothing in the public domain about hauntings at the castle itself, but I would be surprised if there was actually nothing there. If you know of any ghost stories attached to Blarney Castle, then please do get in touch here or click “Add Your Experience” above to share your story.

One supernatural element that is “out there” relates to another stone on the property – The Witch Stone. Part of the stone block appears to resemble the shape of a stereotypical witch’s face – it has an eye and what resembles a pointed nose. Folklore says that a witch once lived in the area and that it was she who first spoke of the gift attached to the Blarney Stone. The story goes that the witch was trapped within the witch stone and that she is only allowed to roam after nightfall. She is said to light a fire in the area known as the Witch’s Kitchen and that those who arrive early enough the next morning will find the dying embers from that fire.

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Cork, Ireland

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