Blackwater Castle

Blackwater Castle
Castletownroche, Cork, Ireland.

Blackwater Castle in County Cork was constructed on the site of a Bronze Age fort. It is believed that the land was first occupied 9,000 years ago, so the land was already historically rich even before the castle was built. The oldest tower (now in ruin) dates to the 12th-Century and the castle was extended in the 13th and 15th centuries. Today. the castle sits on 50-acres of land which includes a holy well. The river Awbeg runs along the site perimeter and guests have private access to part of it.

Today, guests can enjoy the best of Irish hospitality at Blackwater Castle on an exclusive hire basis. It is perfect for family breaks, corporate events, and of course weddings. Bespoke catering and itineraries are arranged according to the desires of the group, and guests are accommodated in one of nine castle suites or in one of several apartments and dormitories on the property.

Naturally, a site with such a long history of occupation, worship, battle, and murder, is sure to have one or two ghost stories attached to it.

The Roche family occupied Blackwater Castle for nearly 500 years and there were times during their tenure when they were forced to defend it. In 1650, Lady Ellen Roche fought to protect the castle against the forces of Oliver Cromwell’s consort, Lord Broghill. Despite valiant efforts, the castle was overcome, and Lady Roche was imprisoned in the tower. Guests staying at the castle today can view the room in which she was held. Her six commanding officers were executed by Broghill’s men and their bodies were casually discarded in the river. Given their brutal death and the lack of a proper burial, their ghosts now haunt the castle grounds. Lady Roche herself was hanged two years later for a crime she did not commit, and her ghost also roams the castle, dressed in a hooded cloak.

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