Blackamoor Lane Friary Church

Blackamoor Lane Friary Church
Cork, Ireland.

Sadly, this building no-longer stands but a ghost story attached to the property is still worth sharing.

One evening in April 1838, an elderly woman visited the chapel. She sat in one of the pews, offered her prayers and then fell asleep. When she awoke, she discovered that the door of the chapel had been locked for the evening and that she was trapped inside. It was around midnight when the chapel suddenly seemed to be illuminated with a soft, ethereal light. She watched as a ghostly friar walked up to the altar. The figure turned to face the congregation of one and asked if anyone present would serve at mass with him. The alarmed woman chose to remain silent and hid for the duration of his spectral service. The following day, the lady recounted her experience to Fr. Theobald Mathew who assured her that he would investigate. True to his word, that night, Fr. Mathew locked himself in the old chapel and waited. As midnight arrived, the chapel was once more illuminated by a strange light and the ghostly friar appeared just as the lady had described. The ghost asked whether anyone present would serve mass with him, but this time Fr. Mathew stood up and said that he would. The priest and his ghostly acquaintance offered the mass together and once it was done, the friar disappeared, never to be seen again.

The lane on which the church stood is now known as Blackmore Lane. The church closed on the 6th of October 1850 and fell into ruin. The remains were finally demolished in 2004.

Blackmore Lane in 2022

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