Bawnboy Workhouse

Bawnboy Workhouse
Corville, Cavan, Ireland.

This location has either been included based on the experience of a site user or where a reputable source has referenced an alleged haunting either at the location or in the immediate vicinity.

Bawnboy Workhouse was constructed in 1852, and provided a last resort for the destitute of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In reality, those desperate enough to seek refuge were essentially treated as prisoners, punished for the “crime” of being poor. Families who entered were promptly separated from one another. The “inmates” were forced to wear uniforms, live under very strict rules in poor conditions, and to work long hours in return for food – which itself was rationed and monotonous. The workhouse closed in 1921. The buildings were later repurposed with one section used as a school (until 1967) and others for community activities and private accommodation. The site is now abandoned but a trust was established in 2010 to preserve what remains and to oversee care of it.

The site is believed to be haunted although I have yet to find any sufficient proof of this. A paranormal group claimed to have captured voices crying out for help during one of their investigations at the site, but does anyone have anything more to add?

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