Barnesmore Gap

Barnesmore Gap
Barnesmore Gap, Donegal, Ireland.

A local man recounted how, on a cold winter’s night in December 1983, he stopped to assist a woman who was standing on the roadside near the old bridge before the turning for Castlederg. The woman opened the rear door of his car and got in. She was eerily quiet, uttering only a couple of words as he continued his onward journey. He noted how the car felt cold despite the heating being on full, but kept his focus on the icy road ahead. The journey continued in silence, with the confused driver chancing occasional glances at his strange passenger in the rear view mirror. The drive continued for approximately one mile beyond Biddy’s O ‘Barnes pub towards Barnesmore Gap until the passenger suddenly whispered “stop here…this is where I died”. He slammed on the brakes and turned to discover that the seat behind him was empty and the door had not been opened.

In the early 2000s, a radio station manager and his companion were returning from a function when they encountered a black shadow at Barnesmore Gap.

All of a sudden this black thing moved from left to right across the road. I cannot describe it. It wasn’t a person or an animal and it didn’t really have a shape at all. It was just at the end of where my headlights reached but I could see it clearly. That alone would probably not have made me pass any remark as it could have been put down to something or other, but there was a car coming towards me which seemed to disappear as this thing passed between us. Before I knew it the thing was gone and suddenly the other car was right up to us passing me by. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything like that but I saw something that night and I just can’t explain it.

According to the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association at the time, several motorists had reported encounters with a black shadow on that stretch of road. The organisation had in fact investigated it and concluded that there was negative energy in the area and that this was feeding off nearby ley lines.

Sadly, several fatal accidents have occurred in this area over the years.

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