Barberstown Castle

Barberstown Castle
Straffan, Kildare, Ireland.

Barberstown Castle in Straffan, County Kildare dates to 1288. The original structure was built by Nicholas Barby and was primarily designed with defence in mind. The impressive structure incorporates the original keep with its slanted walls which were designed to give its guardians the best view of advancing enemies. An Elizabethan style extension was added in the 16th century and a Victorian-style extension was added in the 1830s.

The castle has changed hands multiple times during the course of its existence, often as a result of a battle. It was opened as a hotel in the 1970s and the guitarist, Eric Clapton, was a regular guest who liked it so much that he bought it in 1979. In 1987, Kenneth Healy became the 37th owner of Barberstown Castle.

The ghost of an unidentified male has been sighted walking through the wall between rooms 9 and 10 while the ghost of a woman dressed in a cloak has been seen in room 4 – the Katherine Dillon Room. This friendly spirit is said to smile at the guests who witness her before she silently fades.

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Barberstown, Straffan, Kildare, W23 CX40, Ireland

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