Ballymoon Castle

Ballymoon Castle
Ballymoon, Carlow, Ireland.

Ballymoon Castle was constructed in the 14th century. The structure features a large courtyard surrounded by thick walls which are up to 20 foot high. Nothing of the interior remains but evidence suggests that inner structures may have been two stories high and that, although fortified, they were also intended for use as a home.

According to an old folktale, the ghost of an unidentified woman has been spotted here, walking the grounds at night and guarding the ruins against intruders.

The story tells of how a man lost his way one night and found himself by the ruins of the castle. The weary man entered the ruins and sat down, and after a while he fell asleep. He recalled waking up a short while later, and was drawn to a light in one of the doorways. There, standing in the doorway was a woman. The woman was gesturing for him to leave. The startled man jumped up and ran out of the castle and across the field, but again he was disorientated and fell down. The next day, a friend found him and brought him home. He relayed his story, but while some believed his experience, others mocked him and said they themselves would visit the castle and keep watch. Whatever they saw that night, terrified them deeply but they refused to ever speak of the matter again.

Another old tale which references the castle, tells of a man who had set out to visit his sick uncle. He made his way there on foot and chose to take a short cut through the castle ruins. He had no sooner entered the ruins when he sensed that there was somebody with him. He turned his head and saw the figure of a man, but the man appeared to be surrounded by a pale blue fog. The mysterious figure appeared to glide towards another opening in the old ruin and then silently disappeared. The man (unsurprisingly) legged it! He did not stop until he came by a house where he called and recounted his experience. Nobody in the room, apart him, was surprised by the story. He was told that others had also witnessed strange things in the ruins of the old castle.

Are these stories true? Why don’t you visit and find out!

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Ballymoon, Carlow, Ireland
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Open 24/7/365

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