Ardoginna House

Ardoginna House
Waterford, Ireland.

The ruins of the seventeenth century Ardoginna House (also known as Ardo House or McKenna’s Castle) are located in Ardmore, County Waterford.

It is said that in the early seventieth century, a young man by the name of Richard Costen stole a precious item from the house, although some versions of the story seem to suggest that he was innocent. A ferocious chase ensued, during which his horse reared up and unsaddled him. As he fell, he got caught up in the reins and was effectively hanged. An alternative end to the story suggests that Richard hid in a nearby cave but was caught and then hanged. It is said that Richard can sometimes be seen riding his horse in the area and that he can be heard screaming and choking. Another horseman claimed to ride nearby is Jeremiah Coghlan. His ghost is seen riding a white horse, but this one is a harbinger of doom. Those who see him are said to die within a year.

In the late seventeenth century, the house became the primary residence of Sir Francis Prendergast. Prendergast was a ghastly man and staff lived in fear of what could happen if they displeased him. He reportedly hanged an unfortunate servant and buried his remains in the dining room. They were discovered several years later, and curiously, so were the remains of a small child under the stairs. Prendergast himself is said to haunt the ruins of the old house.

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