Annagh Strand

Annagh Strand
Slievemore, Mayo, Ireland.


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Referred to as Achill’s “Secret Beach”, this location is only accessible by boat or on foot down a steep path. While the place is serene and picturesque in daylight hours, camping here overnight – although permitted – is not advised, and is very much at the visitor’s own risk.

This beautiful spot is reputedly haunted and the spirits are not friendly. Stories tell of phantom horses and the disturbing apparition of a “tall, thin man”. One resident reportedly found his wife making her way up the hill dragging their mattress behind her. Whatever she had seen had terrified her to the extent that she would never spend another night there. On another occasion, a group of friends and a canine companion were staying in one of the huts. In the dead of night, an unseen assailant picked up the dog and threw it at the sleeping girls.

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Outdoor / Street Hauntings
Slievemore, Mayo, Ireland
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