Alanbrooke Hall

Alanbrooke Hall
Belfast, Antrim, Ireland.


This property no-longer exists.

Alanbrooke Hall was a 1960s tower block providing accommodation to students attending Queens University. The tower was demolished in 2004 and was located at the site now known as Queen’s Elms Village.

In 1981, two students were sharing room 611. Each encountered a spirit that one of them succinctly described as “pure distilled evil”. At the time, Ken was studying microbiology. He awoke during the night to see a black silhouette standing near a desk in the room, and he assumed it to be male. At the time he encountered the figure, his ears began to ring with a deafening white noise and he was overcome with a sense of evil coming from the mysterious character. He felt the figure moving towards him and Ken’s attack mode kicked in. The figure disappeared when he lunged towards it. He noted that his roommate James was also awake and he remarked that he had just had a strange experience. James revealed that he had too. He had closed his eyes but he become aware of a growing light. In his mind’s eye he saw a young man who looked back at him. Again, there was a sense of evil and threat emanating from the stranger and he felt that the figure meant harm.

On another occasion, Ken was alone in the building – it was a weekend and everyone else had headed home. He was in the room and heard the lift doors opening in the corridor. He thought for a moment that someone was coming to see him, but then he was overcome once more with a feeling of malevolence. He heard heavy footsteps approaching the door. The footsteps stopped right outside and after a moment, violent banging started on the door. The thuds were so definite that the door was shaking – it was as if someone were trying to kick the door down. But when he opened the door, there was nobody there – just the empty lift, door open and waiting. Ken made enquiries about the room and discovered that the previous occupants had also had strange experiences, with objects being thrown across the room.

In 1982, two new students were sharing the room. They began to have vivid nightmares – sometimes they’d have the same dream, and as time progressed, one would start having a nightmare only for the second half of the same nightmare to be experienced by the other. Then the poltergeist activity began. Cutlery would be arranged on the floor in such a way that the students would step out of the bed and potentially injure themselves on sharp edges. They moved rooms soon after.

When Billy & Bill were assigned room 611, Billy recounted how they would often wake up during the night and see the figure of a man standing in the corner. They also encountered the banging at the door and when Bill mustered up the courage to open it, there was nobody there and the corridor was empty.

A cleaner shared how she felt there was a presence in room 611 and that she did not like going in there. She revealed that she was aware of three deaths associated with people who had stayed in that room, including a murder and a possible suicide – although there were questions over whether the person had jumped from the window or was pushed.

In the summer of 1988, Gary was an accommodation warden, living alone on the tenth floor of the building. He recalled that one night, there appeared to be a power surge, resulting in lightbulbs exploding, the unused microwave pinging and his music system vibrating. The power was checked by engineers, but there was no evidence of an electrical issue. He also noted that lights would often come on in the building even though he was completely alone in it. Internal phones would ring but of course there would be nobody there to make the calls. Gary would also hear the lifts going up and down during the night and would see the doors opening. He spoke to a lift engineer who assured him that this could not happen.

Gary also had a more terrifying experience at the property. He recalled that he was walking across the living room and that he “tripped” on something, hurtling towards a window. Somehow he found himself dangling precariously from the tenth storey window but he managed to wriggle his way back to safety. He turned to see what could have possibly caused him to stumble, but there was nothing there.

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