These tales of Ireland's Haunted Heritage have been put together to entertain, educate and (perhaps) terrify. Here, you will learn of the friendly spirits, evil entities, banshees, púcas and poltergeists that hideaway in majestic castles, luxury hotels, popular meeting places, private homes, woods, fields and gardens all over this famously enchanted 'Emerald Isle'. 

All of the stories featured are (to the best of my knowledge) true and I welcome followers to submit their own experiences at these and other locations.

Explore Haunted Irelan​d

From castles, great houses and hotels, to gardens, offices and private dwellings - look up stories of ghost​s, banshees, fairies and witchcraft, with a dash of true horror, gathered from across the 32 counties.

Spike Island
Museum, Jail / Gaol, Defence
The Park Bar
Bar / Pub
Closed or Private Rumoured
The Bedford Hotel
Northburgh Castle
Closed or Private
Columb Barracks
Closed or Private
Castle Matrix
Darkey Kelly’s
Bar / Pub, Restaurant
Temple Bar
Friars Mill Road
Outdoor / Street Hauntings
Fota House
Outdoor / Street Hauntings
Dublin Castle
Dublin 2
Butlerstown Castle
Lavey Strand
Outdoor / Street Hauntings
Ballygally Castle Hotel
Hotel, Castle, Bar / Pub, Restaurant
Closed or Private
Kilgobbin Castle
Closed or Private
Dunboden House
Great House, Outdoor / Street Hauntings
Ross Castle
Macken's Bar The Undertaker
Bar / Pub
Glenarm Castle & Gardens
Castle, Self Catering, Castle Garden

Your Experiences

Look up user accounts of unexplained events and encounters they had at the locations featured in this guide. You can also submit your own experiences by clicking "Add Your Experience" on any of the entries. 

Ulster Aviation Society
Ulster Aviation Society
During our investigation here, we were able to contact a few spirits including the 1940s airman previously mentioned in the original post. We also encountered some of the spirits of the former Long Kesh prison. We were told by the organisers of the aviation society to halt the investigation if any prisoners came through. In the photo I have provided you can make out two figures. One is […]
Malahide past life
Malahide Castle and Gardens
This is not my experience, but do you know the story about the British lady who realized she had lived a past life in Malahide as a young mother of 8 children but died young and all of her children except the oldest were put into an orphanage or maybe a work house. She ended up gathering her past life’s children together and told them many things only their mother could have known. She […]
Third Floor (collected from YouTube)
Maldron Hotel Shandon
Stayed here myself on around 3 occasions, lovely hotel, nothing negative to say about it. Curiosity got the better of me one day and I took the lift to the 3rd floor. As I walked down it was absolutely freezing, even though the rads on the walls were piping hot. I got as far as the boarded up room and walked back to the lift to 1st floor. Normal temperature. Strange indeed
Presence at Skryne Castle
Skryne Castle
I rented the castle for a year in 2016. While doing my ironing one evening in the housemaid’s kitchen I experienced someone standing very close to me thinking it was my partner I turned around to talk to him but there was no one there. I also felt a presence on the 3rd floor on many occasions when I was on my own. This was not an aggressive presence and I will never forget how lucky I […]