Spirited Isle is  a collection of true Irish ghost stories.

My tales of Ireland's Haunted Heritage include stories of friendly spirits, evil entities, banshees, púcas and poltergeists that are hiding away in majestic castles, luxury hotels, popular meeting places, ancient sites & ruins, woods, fields, gardens and private homes all over this famously enchanted 'Emerald Isle'. 

All of the stories that will be shared on this website, are (to the best of my knowledge) true. I also welcome followers to submit their own stories, so if you have had an encounter of your own, get in touch.

You can also look up details of haunted locations - many of which you can actually go and visit - in the  Spirited Isle Directory . This is a work in progress but I am adding new entries all the time, so check back soon to see more. 

UPDATE! Apologies for the lack of updates  but life took over. This project is very much alive so please keep sharing your experiences!

Explore Haunted Ireland

Explore Ireland with a unique directory, listing haunted locations all over the country. Learn the true Irish ghost stories behind dozens of well known and not so well known locations all over the country.  Treat yourself to a night in haunted hotel and visit pubs, theatres, museums, and open spaces, each of which have their own stories to tell.  Share your own paranormal experiences at the places you have visited.


Add A Location

If you have an association with a haunted venue or location - anywhere in Ireland, you can submit details for inclusion in the directory. Listings are free of charge but all submissions are subject to validation and approval.